Solid answers to concrete rinse water disposal

MSDS and Independent Test Results

Concrete and Masonry rinse water at construction site: The US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) forbids discharging into the nation’s waterways untreated wash water used in masonry rinse out operations regardless of the size of project. The 2008 Construction Storm water Permit reflects the position of the USEPA that all cementious rinse water on NPDES/SDS construction storm water permitted sites must not be discharged onto the ground and should be disposed of in an MPCA approved manner. A concrete washout sign must be installed at each temporary washout facility to inform the concrete equipment operators and contractors to use the designated facilities.


Congelz has been tested by an independent laboratory (American Engineering Testing) and determined to convert liquid masonry and paint waste into a non-hazardous solid waste that is acceptable to dispose of in standard construction site dumpsters or Type II or III waste facilities.

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