Solid answers to concrete rinse water disposal


Clarifize is a proprietary blend of pure line floculant that entraps solids in water and quickly drops them to the bottom.


•  Reduces turbidity  •  Lowers PH  •  Allows Recycling  •  Allows for Safe Disposal


APPLICATIONS: Concrete Saw Cutting  •  Concrete Polishing  •  Concrete  •  Masonry Rinse Water  •  Concrete Washout Pits

•  Industrial Waste Water


DIRECTIONS: Apply Clarifize across the top of the liquid.  Stir or agitate well.  Wait several minutes and then stir again.  Depending on your material, it may be necessary to applly additional Clarifize and / or allow additional time for the reaction to take place.   When solids have dropped you may pump or decant the clear water for reuse or adjust PH, if necessary, for proper disposal down a regular sanitary sewer drain.  The remaining high-solids sludge can be treated with Congelz , for disposal.


LIMITATIONS: Note that Clarifize works best when the solids content is less than 30%.  If solids are significantly higher, you may simply use Congelz to solidify the entire lot.  If the solids content is too high, the material will simply not separate.  In this case the addition of more floculant will only cause the slurry to become thick and stringy.  If your slurry is separating nicely, but the water has a slimy feel to it, there is simply excess plymer available to drop more solids; LOWER the dose as necessary.


COVERAGE: Coverage will vary depending on the solids content in the water.



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